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The world of scientific and medical breakthroughs, new technologies and medicines is constantly changing. The excitement that comes with this is what this site is about. We know that many of the discoveries and technologies are difficult to understand for many who have a basic understanding of what they are, how they work and what promises they hold to our health and longevity.

Cell technology is one that is constantly evolving and one that holds many people's interest. It can literally change the course of healing and how medical professionals treat patients. It can allow athletes to heal faster, increase strength and improve performance. It has the ability to heal those afflicted with brain injuries and see their recovery shortened to allow them to return to productive lives and so much more.

As you view our site you will find articles about singular cells and how the protect themselves, new generation sequencing, the targeting if certain genes and others. All of the articles are informative and give you insight into the advances that have been made and what is to come as this specialized segment of research continues to evolve.

We also include some interesting information about Stanford Univerisity and the steps forward it is making. We look into muscle damage and how new tissue can be grown to help burn victims or others with skin conditions that limit the quality of life. While skin growth is a remarkable achievement, cartilage is another are that has seen considerable improvement is how it allows physicians to treat those who suffer from various injuries or birth defects that have been dilapidating to their individual growth.

Going forward, we include updates on new advances, those behind those discoveries and what is to come as they continue their work in what is fast becoming an area with a large impact on humans and medical treatment for the future.